ENNA Studio is an independent brand based in London producing handmade made-to-order digital printed designs. Each print is reversible and holds a memory captured in a photo.

Size Guide


XS - Width 36-43cm, Length 49cm

S - Width 38-47cm, Length 49cm

M - Width 41-50cm, Length 50cm

L - Width 45-53cm,  Length 51cm

XL - Width 49-57cm, Length 52cm


XS - Width 35-40cm, Length 28cm

S - Width 38-43cm, Length 30cm

M - Width 42-49cm, Length 32cm

L - Width 46-53cm, Length 34cm

XL - Width 48-57cm, Length 35cm


Delivery, Returns and Exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the product is faulty. If you want to get in touch please fill out the contact form above.

Shipping costs do not cover customs fees which must be paid by the customer.